Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

Full Figure 1

You can feel and look beautiful no matter what your size and shape. You just need to learn about your body and how to dress it. Below are general fashion tips for plus size women. I must advise size doesn’t change the general guidelines for shape, and some advice may not be correct for your […]

Modest Little Black Dress

A girl just like you, who is learning to feel beautiful inside and look beautiful outside.

This week for Church I decided to wear my modest little black dress. Thank you Coco Chanel for introducing black as a colour for formal wear, not just for mourning. The Little Black Dress is considered an essential must own item. I won’t disagree with this, but what I will say is that black, by […]

What to wear to the Calgary Stampede

A cowgirl at heart

I love the spirit at Calgary Stampede time! The only time of year where it is casual Friday for a whole week. Everyone gets to wear jeans!¬†And pancakes every morning for free if you’re willing to search it out! And you still have 4 days left this year to get your “stampede” on. You can […]

How to be more stylish in 10 minutes (or less)

Hair in a bun with a hair bun scrunchie. Took about 1.5 minutes. This is the same look I did for the mother's day outfit hair. I have a better picture of the back there.

Being stylish is often seen as an elusive thing that only the right people know how to do. First of all, if this is how you feel make sure to read this article on having a beautiful mindset, or that you can learn to cultivate your beauty. And remember, being more stylish highlights your beauty, […]

Summer Makeup Tips to Protect Your Skin

Brushes and makeup with spf

You NEED to protect your skin. Trust me. Burns now, and leather skin in your 50′s, 60′s etc are NOT good ideas. Here are summer makeup tips to protect your face no matter how much makeup you do (or don’t) want to wear. Sun Protection No Makeup. You can get a moisturizer that has sunscreen […]

A Summer Maxi Skirt Outfit


There is something about the long, flowing summer maxi skirt that is totally mesmerizing. I think it epitomizes everything summer. Freedom, style, fun. And of course it is a must have of modest fashion. FYI a maxi skirt is a skirt length that falls between mid-calf and the floor. When you have a print maxi […]