Mom Friendly Bracelets and Michael Kors

Bracelets with Meaning

I am very excited to talk to you about my most recent partnership with Tracy Beemer, Stylist for Color by Amber. Tracy approached me to ask if I would feature some bracelets from their collection called “skinnies.” I learned about their company and said I would be delighted to write a blog post featuring these eco-friendly bracelets, […]

Facing Fears With Scissors

Photo Credit

One of the most liberating and also unnerving things I did in the last couple of months is to chop off all my hair. Now I did grow it out with the intention to donate it, but somewhere in the process of growing it out I had lost the joy in having long hair. It […]

What is Modest Fashion?

Is modesty frumpy or can it be fashion forward?

In our culture modesty seems to have taken on the meaning of frumpy, drab and unattractive. Well no wonder no one wants to be associated with that. And many people get lost in the desire to be attractive and jump to the complete opposite end of the scale, assuming they need to be “sexy”, which is […]

An Outfit and Interview with Matthew Stephen Smith

Matthew Stephen Smith 3

Recently I was given the opportunity to interview Matthew Stephen Smith From America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21. Royals Management, a boutique based modelling agency in Calgary, brought him in to teach a workshop and do a photo shoot with their models, and offered me the chance to interview him! Very exciting, and a big thank […]

Black and White Spring Trend

Fiona McAllister

For the last few years in spring there has been a trend of black and white on the runways. Today’s post showcases an outfit I put together based on the black and white trend, with my own twist of course. I love this photo! I really think it would be fun to put this picture to […]

Winter Style: Fashion Tips to stay warm and stylish

Staying Warm

This post is to give you fashion tips that help you build a start to your winter wardrobe. And it is winter sale time so head to the stores and get your self stocked up for next year if you need or want anything! Items are upto 70% off retail, so now is the time […]