Buyer Be Aware: On..

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Sometimes the convenience of online shopping is hard to pass up: things delivered right to your door, no standing in line or being stuck in crowds, and best of all, no having kids with you. However, sometimes shopping online can be very costly with little or no value. Here are the things I have learned […]

Part III: Expressi..

Hope in the truth of my beauty.

Do I always feel like a beautiful woman? No. Do I try to counter those days by overdoing it on the outside? Probably. But it is the hope in the possibility and belief in the reality that keeps me going. Just like in the long days of winter, we hope for the spring and know […]

Park Show 2014

Networking with Linda, Errol, and Abbas.

Park Show 2014:  Great designers, great music, great company. PARK events just continue to amaze me. Grab a cup of your favourite drink and settle in. For the mission of PARK you can visit their website here. If you want the Park Show highlights without the outfit breakdown, then just scroll on. The outfit I wore […]

Designer Look or D..

Designer Label Fiona McAllister 3

A popular feature of Fashion Magazines is the 1 look, 2 prices comparing designer label and mass market fashion. There is absolutely an appeal to having the exquisite garment construction and precise fit of haute couture present in a designer label, but most of us simply just can’t afford the prices of ready to wear or […]

5 Shades of Pink f..

Think Pink!

Think Pink! What says happy and bright like 5 shades of pink for spring? Although it is still very much winter here in Calgary… I have been quite tired of winter by now, so when I got ready for church on Sunday, I decided, I really needed to brighten up my world. So here are […]

Part II: Confessio..

Fiona McAllister 32a

Dear friends, this is installment number two from my series about learning to believe I am beautiful. Part One is here, Part three coming soon. This covers the time from about 18 until 30. In my late teens I had been given compliments by adults in my life that I was pretty and nice. Oh […]